TGIF- fun finds

It’s here- SPRING BREAK! Honestly guys, wasn’t sure I would make it to this post of the year without a full-on breakdown. It’s been an adventure and I cannot wait for 11 solid days of peace and quiet…and no Zoom!

If you haven’t ever splurged at Whole Foods (that’s why in our house we refer to it as “Whole Paycheck”) might I suggest one of the greatest lunches of all time. The Vegetable Salad Roll and the Cosmic Cranberry kombucha have to be the most winning of all winning combos in my book. On top of it being an extremely delicious lunch, I dare you to find a healthier lunch! Seriously, if I were over-the-top wealthy, this would be my daily meal!

On a bit of a whim, Greg and I decided to paint the back wall of of yard a deep navy blue last weekend. The “before” wall was dirty and beige and not pretty to look at. The “after”… I just love it. All of the colors from the plants seem to pop and the wall gives out yard a cozy feel. I am ridiculously happy with the way it turned out!

Well, Lily and I are all set to take up residence on our couch for a few days and just chill. There are some shows I want to catch up on and some serious doggie snuggles I’m needing!

Enjoy your weekend (and week off, if you have it!)

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