TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! Another week down- and as of tomorrow it is officially spring! Just another step closer to Spring Break… and summer vacation!

My friend, Lorena, has a son who is a senior and just was accepted into Oregon State. Obviously, we had to celebrate- and I searched online for some inspiration and came across these adorable beaver cupcakes- the illustrious mascot of OSU. I had so much fun making them and they came out so damn cute!

JFK 50 Miler training update: Greg and I headed down to the Malibu area for a little camping and a little hiking last weekend. We went for a 7 mile hike in the hills around Leo Carrillo State Park and the views were amazing. Not going to lie- the start of this hike killed me…over 2,000 feet of ascent in under 3 miles- which is more ascent than the entire ultramarathon! But, it didn’t stop me- I’m still here!

Hope you are as eager for the weekend as Oscar is to pick up Tay each day from school! Seriously- it’s adorable!

Happy Friday!!!!

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