New Home Tour- Family Room

Of all the rooms I have shared- this might be the one I am most excited about! Our family room is finally complete (sort of!) and I am so in love with this super comfortable and beautiful space.

The first thing I purchased for the new house when we closed was a couch. I wanted a huge, plush, comfy sectional to lounge on. So, in August I went to the furniture store, picked out my sofa, and was told it would be 4-6 weeks for delivery. 16 weeks later… the couch was finally delivered. Yeah, that’s not a typo. The couch took forever to get to us. Some of that time can be chalked up to Covid. Some to just bad communication between the manufacturer and the store. While I would never use the store we did for the sofa again- I am head over heels in love with our extra-deep, super soft, gorgeous snuggle sofa!

Besides the sofa, my next favorites part do the room is the built in cabinet. Before we moved in, this area housed a smaller built in and the TV. I knew I wanted the TV over the fireplace so Greg and I decided to go for all storage. It ended up being so much storage and we were searching for possessions to place on the shelves! Never have I had so much space! I love how this worked out and ended up filling the space. We placed a leather chair off to the side of the built-on to make the room more conversation friendly and I love how relaxed it all turned out.

The hanging plants in the corner are a new addition and I am having to stop myself from placing macrame hanging plants in every corner of our house! I love the way the pop of green makes the space feel homey.

Eventually I want to change out the hanging picture with something that is larger and has more color- but that will just have to come with time. I am really trying to make my artwork purchases meaningful- but Covid limits my options of traveling places to discover cool, local art. I’m hoping in the coming year I’ll have more of a chance.

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