Good Reads

If you need a last minute gift for the reader in your life…might I suggest The Vanishing Half?

Months ago a friend of mine suggested this book to me, telling me it was the best book she has read while in quarantine. Knowing that she is a voracious reader, I knew that it was a pretty good recommendation. It took me awhile to get to it, but once I did, I was so happy I took my friend up on her suggestion.

The Vanishing Half follows two twin sisters from a black community in Louisiana in the 1950s. They are so light skinned that the sisters are often mistaken for being white. After they flee the small town, one takes on the identity of a white woman while the other doesn’t. The novel then follows each of the sisters- and their daughters- through the decades.

This book was fantastic. I had never read anything by Brit Bennett before and I can’t wait to get my hands on her other novels. I loved how this book touches on so many social issues yet is still beautifully written. Oftentimes I just stopped to think while reading this book- and that’s a good thing!

Brit Bennett’s The Vanishing Half is (and I agree with my friend!) one of the best books I have read in quarantine…and one you should read too!

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