Bangers and Mustard Mash

I love Ina Garden, aka The Barefoot Contessa. Her food is impeccable, her style is enviable, and she makes cocktails by the pitcher…not the glass! What more could you want from an idol?!?

I was thumbing through one of her cookbooks recently- which I do for fun- and discovered an easy recipe I had yet to make, Bangers and Mustard Mash. It was a fun twist on a dinner that I have made countless times and it was a perfect cold-weather meal.

Soon after I started the recipe I remembered why I didn’t make mashed potatoes more often…the peeling! It’s just the worst!!! But, I figured it was a small price to pay for a gorgeous Ina meal…

These mashed potatoes were decadent and amazing – full of all my favorite things. Butter, mustard, and… surprise- creme fraiche. I had never thought to add this to my mashed potatoes and now I don’t think I will ever not add it. It’s perfect!

The “bangers” I used in this recipe were Beyond Meat Bratwurst and I paired the whole thing with wilted spinach topped with grilled onions. The flavors were so complementary and it was such a good dinner. The potatoes had a hint of mustard- it was not overpowering and went so well with the sausages and spinach.

Needless to say…I loved this meal!

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