TGIF- fun finds

Now that Thanksgiving is over…it’s time to start decorating for Christmas! Usually I am a stickler for waiting until the day after T-Day to decorate, but this year I gave in to Tay’s pleas of decorating a bit early. I figured after surviving 11/12 of 2020- she deserved it!

My mom always decorated the house so perfectly each Christmas season so I have always desired to be just like that. I like the warm touches without going overboard- so little surprises here and there tend to be my thing. I am obsessed with the birds from Target. They have them for every holiday and I put them around my house just because they make me so happy. Last year I found the gnome (I don’t remember where!) and he makes me just as happy as the birds!

I am currently obsessed with garlands- and the felt ones are making my heart sing! I love the felt because they don’t scratch up my newly pained surfaces like the faux pine ones do. The felted wool ball one is from Trader Joe’s and, man, do they go quickly! The bright happy colors are amazing and if you see them at your TJ’s grab them all! The felt greenery one on the banister is from Joann’s and I just picked it up. It’s just perfect, if I do say so myself!

I made this wreath- inspired from Pinterest- when Tay was just two years old. I remember cutting out all those tiny little Tay handprints and it is one of my favorite holiday decorations. Now that she’s eleven, and about an inch away from reaching my height, I’m shocked that she was ever this small.

I hope you find as much joy decorating for this holiday season as I have. If 2020 has proved anything- it’s the little things that mean the most!

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