TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! It’s now the official start of Thanksgiving break and it is so needed this year! I am so looking forward to a week without Zoom meetings, a week to enjoy the new house, and a week of eating incredible food!

Speaking of incredible food- I know I have blogged about Chrissy Teigen’s mac’n’cheese before… so consider this a gentle reminder that you need to make it! Once the weather dipped into “Southern California Winter” (below 70°) I began cooking all the cold weather foods. If you haven’t done so yet- it’s time to make this!

I decided to do some decorating of the new house with some frames we already had, so I printed up some of my travel photos and went to work. It was so fun revisiting all the places I have had the ability to travel to- just here I see Denmark, Italy, Austria, Spain, and Germany! While I had to push back my 2021 trip with students (to Portugal and Spain!) I am so hopeful that 2022 will prove to be the year of European adventures once again!

Lily is clearly ready for the long break to begin- and I’m ready to jump right into MY bed too! Perhaps a movies in bed plus DoorDash is in my very near future…

Have a wonderful weekend and- if you are lucky enough- a wonderful few days off this coming week! We all deserve it!

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