TGIF- fun finds

We are getting closer and closer to Election Day and I am getting more and more anxious. Actually, my anxiety might be from moving, distance learning, and living through a pandemic- but hey, who knows?!? All I know for sure is that this election is historic- and every vote counts!

Walking around Trader Joe’s the other day and Tay slyly slipped these into the cart. Knowing that donuts are my weakness- she knew I would buy them. These Apple Cider Donuts were so incredible and full of cinnamon and sugar… they are my kryptonite!!!

When we moved, I broke down and bought Lily a new dog bed…and it was an instant hit! This bed from Amazon is washable, fluffy, and HUGE! I misjudged just how big the “big” bed was and it could literally fit Lily and me snuggled up in there together! It was an amazing price and I am so happy with it – and so is Lily!!

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!!!

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