Tie Dye with Bleach

I recently discovered a blog, Style This Life, that I am obsessed with. The blog is run by a teacher, mother, and huge fan of Birkenstock’s (we have a lot in common!) and it focuses on fashion- and I love her style! The other day on her IG stories, Paige – the star of the blog- showed a cool bleach tie dye technique she used on an old, stained sweatshirt. I was instantly intrigued because I had an old, stained sweatshirt hanging in my closet and I am in love with the tie dye trend that is all over the place right now. It seemed like this was meant to be.

Paige gave the lowdown on how she bleached her sweatshirt and I went out and purchased everything I needed (btw- I was so excited!)

Bleach was hard to come by, but I did find this tiny, adorable bottle at Target so I was good. I didn’t come up with a specific design for my sweatshirt, I just scrunched it up and rubber banded it in random places. Once it was throughly scrunched- I was ready to go.

The bleached worked fast- really fast- so I did not leave my sweatshirt in for the full 30 minutes. It was closer to 12. Once the sweatshirt got to a color I really liked, I took it out of the bleach, took off all the rubber bands and washed it.

The finished product is exactly what I had hoped for! I love the cool tie dye vibe and I love that I got to take a ratty sweatshirt that I loved and I could turn it into a cool sweatshirt I love!!!

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