Whipped Feta Crostini

I should have more pictures of this little bite of happiness. I should have step by step directions. I should have documented the process… but, in all honesty, you are lucky to get this one photo! These Whipped Feta Crostini from The Barefoot Contessa are one of my favorite things and I can’t stop eating them. Just making the time to take this one photo was torture!

A few weeks ago my friend, Susan, came over for a drink and brought these with her. When I saw them, I assumed that they are your standard crostini with a bit of ricotta underneath, but when I bit into one…it was true love. The complexity of the flavors- the mix of the feta and the red wine vinegar- and the crunch of the pine nuts. It is literally the perfect bite! Susan said that her friend, Bridget, always makes these and she begged for the recipe. So of course, I followed suit!

It didn’t take long before I was whipping up a batch of my own. What was the occasion? Ummmm, lunch??? Honestly, I had just been thinking of them nonstop since I had eaten them and I figured they needed to be made. The whole process is relatively simple and can be done way in advance. I made the whipped feta and set it aside. Then I did the tomatoes and let them marinate. When I was finally ready to eat, I toasted the baguette and assembled. Keeping everything separate meant that for a few days afterwards, I could make a crostini when I was hungry with the simplest of ease.

These will now be my go-to party food and appetizer for when we have guests. They are simple and pack so much delight in each bite!!! (Look- they’ve turned me into a poet! That’s how remarkable they are!!!)

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