Air Fried Artichoke Hearts

When I’m stressed out, I like to cook. It gives me a nice sense of control and I love having a finished product that I can eat…it’s just a win-win. I wanted to explore some more recipes to utilize my air fryer so off to Pinterest I went! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS to cook in the art fryer- so many! I quickly was drawn to the fried artichoke hearts and there was no turning back!

I looked at a few different recipes and was drawn to the one from Simple Awesome Cooking because it was both simple and awesome! Using canned artichoke hearts and a three-step breading technique guaranteed a simple to follow recipe with a fool-proof perfect result.

The artichoke hearts were ready in under 15 minutes (including cook time!) and I served them with the lemon garlic aioli that the blog recommended. They were a huge hit! Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and the aioli was zesty and creamy. I could have eaten the entire plate as a my dinner but I did end up sharing…but I didn’t want to!

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