TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! This idyllic scene is how Oscar celebrates the impending weekend…or just a regular Tuesday! Ahhh- to have the life of a pampered pooch!

Since social distancing, I’ve severely limited my outings, with my most exciting adventure of the week being Trader Joe’s. I love that place- and I love how seriously ours is taking the pandemic. Everything is so distanced and clean, it just makes me happy to shop there. Here are some of my favorite finds!

I discovered these tart dried cherries a few weeks ago and they have officially become my favorite snack! It’s like eating nature’s Sour Patch Kids. When I need a little bite of sweetness – I go for these!

I found this cheese years ago, promptly forgot about it, then rediscovered it under quarantine life. This cheese is the perfect amount goodness and pairs well with crackers and even apples! Seriously- it’s that good!

Lastly, my favorite “kid” snack- Vanilla Jojo’s. Now, I am aware that there are like a billion flavors of Jojo’s that are crazy exciting…but the vanilla ones are so pure- so classic, I love them! When I see these on the shelf I instantly cave and all my healthy eating plans shoot straight out the window. The ratio of filling to cookie is perfect and they so easily make their way from the box into my tummy….it was meant to be!

Hope your next adventure to Trader Joe’s (or wherever you go!) is full of happiness!

Happy Friday!!!!

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