Good Reads

I have been a fan of Anthony Doerr’s since I read his book, All the Light We Cannot See, years ago. (Note: if you somehow missed this bestseller- read it right away! An epic and tragic WWII story that is one of the best books I have ever read!)

In Yosemite there was a small Ansel Adams gallery that we visited and we found that they had a fascinating collection of books for sale. Not aware that Doerr has written anything else, I found this book, About Grace, on the shelf and decided to give it a try.

The book is a sweeping story about an introverted man who has a peculiar secret- he has premonitions about the future that seem to come true. Starting as a child and keeping this secret the best he can, he has a life where he has to choose being labeled as a “freak” while trying to save bad things from happening, or live with the knowledge that he did nothing to alter the course of life. Difficult choice, huh?!?

Like Doerr’s other book I read, this one is full of detail (very well researched!) and a story mixed with both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. I really loved the book because it is not a predictable story and it showed true human emotions. Highly recommend!!!

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