Soft Pretzels & Cheesy Dipping Sauce

I’m not sure about you, but some says snack-time has become our unofficial fourth meal. By 3:30pm the stomachs are growling and we want something that is salty and filing and – quite frankly- goes really well with an afternoon beer! (Yes, we are in that stage of quarantine!) Chrissy Teigen’s soft pretzel recipe seemed to fit all the requirements of a solid snack option- so it was clear I had to make it!

Chrissy’s pretzels are in the dessert section of her cookbook and they are supposed to have a sugary topping- so I didn’t tip it with anything but salt to make them more savory. What I liked about the recipe is the baking soda bath- most pretzel recipes have you boil water with baking soda and it’s a huge step. Chrissy just uses warm water- not boiled- for hers. Much more manageable!

After the pretzels came out of the oven, it was time for the cheese sauce. I’ve made cheese sauces in the past that have been an ugly congealed mess… and I wanted something better for these pretzels! I found Baking Mischief’s Cheese Sauce with the most incredible secret recipe- evaporated milk! Obviously this would make a good cheese sauce! I’m a bit embarrassed I never thought of it!!!

The whole process was done super easily within a little over an hour and we were rewarded with a perfect afternoon snack…and a perfect accompaniment to an ice cold Corona!

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