TGIF- fun finds

It’s another Friday- and another day to sit back and realize that everyday seems like a Friday these days. Good or bad, it’s the reality in which we live, so today I am choosing to be grateful for the small things!!

This sign was waiting outside my local Trader Joe’s this past week when I went on my shopping trip. Our store has you wait in a line, six feet apart, and they only allow a few shoppers in at a time. I really appreciate TJ’s humor during this time.

Tay was playing around with the panoramic function on my iPhone camera and came up with this hilarious photo of Oscar. Tay has really used this time to get creative with her photography, experimenting with different features. She’s loving it!!!

Finally, a dog appreciation moment (and more photos from Tay!) These two little nuggets have been the beat quarantine buddies we could Ave asked for. They really bring so much joy to to an otherwise bleak situation. If you don’t have a pet- I STRONGLY encourage you to contact your local shelter and get a quarantine buddy of your own!

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