Oreo Cupcakes

As a kid, my favorite cookie was the Oreo. My mom would offer us kiddos two cookies after dinner – I remember my sister always going for the Chips Ahoy, but I always gravitated towards the Oreo. It was really two cookies in one – so I figured I had outsmarted the system. I was getting 4 cookies each night instead of 2. Winner, winner!!!

When I began making cupcakes to sell, I wanted to create some nostalgic flavors that people would be drawn to – and Oreo seemed like the logical choice. While I won’t share my cupcake or frosting recipes (those are top secret!) I will share the technique on one of my most popular cupcakes.

You need to start with a lot of Oreos. Many, many Oreos because you will be using them in the cupcake, in the frosting, as well as the toppers. Before you even begin baking anything, stick an Oreo in the bottom of a cupcake liner. This will be the base of your cupcake. It’s a little hidden gem that people don’t expect, and when they bite into the cupcake they are so surprised! After doing that, you fill the rest of the liner with your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe and bake according to directions.

After cooling, you want to make your favorite vanilla frosting recipe. Once it is made, incorporate 1 cup of Oreo cookie crumbs into the frosting and mix until well combined. Next is piping the frosting onto the cupcake and topping it with a mini Oreo.

The finished cupcake is simple, elegant looking, and so delicious! I have yet to meet someone who isn’t instantly excited at the thought of an Oreo cupcake – and I know anyone you serve these to will be as well!!!

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