Good Reads

I don’t remember where I first heard of To Shake the Sleeping Self but I am so glad I did. This book by Jedidiah Jenkins is part travel memoir, part religious struggle, and a whole lot of interesting!

I have always been drawn to books/ documentaries that tell the tale of people who leave “normal” life behind and hit the road in order to live a true-life adventure. I have a yearning to do just that, but I always have fear hold me back (that and a family, job, house, bills…adult responsibilities!) Upon his 30th birthday, Jedidiah Jenkins did just that- he left everything behind to cycle from Oregon to Patagonia- over 13,000 miles!

This book is written as though a friend is telling a story, and I really resonated with his descriptions of all the locations he travelled to. Jenkins’ description of Bariloche, Argentina is seriously having me look into a family vacation there. I have been obsessed with Europe for so long that I have never contemplated South America as a travel destination. Now- I feel a strong pull to travel South!

I loved this book. It was a perfect book to take on our weekend camping adventure and it appealed to me on so many levels. I highly suggest this book for anyone who has a bit of wanderlust or someone just looking to be told a good story.

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