God Bless Texas!

Texas won my heart over. Not enough to actually live there (way too hot!) but enough that I want to share some of my favorite things!

Asya took Tay and me to visit the Pflugerville Longhorn, Miss Lanie. She lives outside their housing community and she is the sweetest, cutest cow I ever did see! We took a bunch of carrots down to entice Miss Lanie to participate in a photo shoot with us. Never mind the gardeners who were outright laughing at us for photographing her…

The Salt Lick is synonymous with amazing Texas barbecue, and I finally made the trek to their Driftwood location this trip. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever had barbecue this good. The meat literally fell apart in my mouth and I was so happy I could have cried! Instead, I just ate my body weight in good grub!

As per usual, I fell in love (again!) with my friends and family’s pets. Ero, Asya’s dog was my constant companion the first half of the trip. He and I just got each other! Jessica, my SIL, took me to visit with her parent’s donkeys (hi Luanne and Bill!), Miss Becky, Jolene, and Cali. The girls are amazing and they just make me want to buy a huge plot of land and raise random animals. I mean, who doesn’t have that dream???

Although I won’t move to the state- Texas, you will always have my heart!

(I also had to include this hilarious post from Jen Hatmaker in reference to the ridiculous Texas heatwave. I totally agree!)

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