TGIF- fun finds

Happy Friday! Traveling through Europe has shown me that there are certain things that make travel a lot more enjoyable- and here are a few of them!!!

If traveling in summer- always carry a fan! One of my girls brought along a hand-held fan in her carry on. We all kind of joked with her that she was so “extra” brining such a thing; but we ate our words after 12 hours in the heat of Vienna! You had better believe that we all went out and purchased our own fans on the second day of the trip! The fans were vital in breaking through the stifling heat and brought so much relief in the 100+ degree temps!

Birkenstock’s! If you have never owned a pair- go get yourself some! Birks are so comfy and perfect for hot days spent walking around. I’ve owned Birks for a few years now and I love how they conform to your feet and give you massive support and comfort. Plus- they are so cute!!! In Germany the Birks are just about half the price they are in the US, so we all got ourselves a few cute new pairs!

And finally, my European drink of choice: the Aperol Spritz! With crazy temps we were all looking for some relief in the late afternoon. Europeans tend to like their beer on the warmer side, so I searched out a drink that was cold and had lots of ice. Enter the Aperol Spritz. It’s a Prosecco based drink, so one will do just fine! It also has ice, lots of glorious ice!!

Hope you are keeping cool this Friday!!!

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