Stuffed Gnocchi

Oh Trader Joe’s… you handsome devil! You’ve gone and done it again…made me fall in love with you all over again!!!!!

I was doing my usual TJ’s run this past week and spied these mozzarella and tomato sauce stuffed gnocchi in the freezer section. It was a new item and it looked so interesting. Upon reading the directions, I was falling even deeper in “like” with this package. The total cook time on this bad boy- under 10 minutes!

So, of course I took them home. And one night, when I was tired beyond belief (thanks Emily Giffin and my inability to stop reading your book late into the night!) I decided to try this guy out.

Holy Moly!!!! This dinner is phenomenal! Seriously, one of the best items I have had from TJ’s in a long time. The cook time was 7 minutes. Total time for dinner, under 15. The rest of the time was spent throwing together a salad and broiling up some garlic bread. I also popped open a jar of marinara to combine with my gnocchi. It was easier than ordering DoorDash- and I’m being completely serious!

All members of my family loved this- and I am talking about Tay, too! This will be a package that will be forever be in my freezer and my new go-to meal when I am seriously too tired to cook!

Run- don’t walk- to buy as many packages of these gnocchi that your local Trader Joe’s has!

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