TGIF- fun finds

Marathon training… I love it and hate it all at once! I realized last year during Ironman training that I needed a workout goal, or it was just too damn easy to hit the snooze button and miss a workout… or six! So, here I am, training for a fun little marathon. My long run this week took me off the city streets and on the coolest trail from the mountains to ocean. Thank you (no longer) furloughed government workers who were back on the job and keeping the trail beautiful! Also – might I just mention how much I love my new trail runners? My first pair of Hooka trail runners and I am officially in love. Didn’t hurt that REI was having a major sale and I got them for 1/2 price!

Greg, Tay, and I went back to our old neighborhood this weekend and visited our favorite hangout – Tortillas Grill. It is downright embarrassing the number of times – per week – that I would find myself there. Seriously, the people who worked there got a Christmas card from us every year! Imagine how excited my taste buds were when I found myself chomping down on the greatest vegetarian food of all time – the potato taquito. A crispy shell. Warm soft mashed potatoes. Dipped in guacamole. It was happiness bite after bite after bite…

Found this gem on Instagram and I literally have never found anything that describes me better. Don’t you dare challenge me on a Friday night (or really any night of the week!) I will be the first one NOT to go big!

Have a fabulous Friday!!!!

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